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  2. Proud to sponsor such an incredible organization!
  3. Thank You SITC
  4. Australian corals and lots of other goodies this week!
  5. Fish, coral and invert profiles
  6. Our Junior Scientist of the Week!
  7. World Wide Conservation News
  8. Beautiful Tribute
  9. Some of this weeks goodies:)
  10. Dipping
  11. Lost...
  12. Friday, February 22, 2008 shipments!
  13. Mantis Central...post your favorite Mantis videos!
  14. ORA due in this week!
  15. Question for Marcye
  16. Yummy Yumas and Extreme coral!!!!
  17. Vortecs
  18. You Want Fish?!?!
  19. New shipment in!
  20. Shipment of fish and coral due friday dec 12th
  21. Two new fish and coral shipments in!!
  22. Come and visit our website
  23. Shipment coming in on Tuesday the 30th
  24. New shipment in on tuesday and end of week
  25. Lots of orders in this week, stocking up!!!
  26. Winning ticket number has been picked
  27. 2009 ORCA Sponsorship
  28. Lots of amazing corals at Sea In The City!!!
  29. Three Great Shipments In This Week
  30. SRC Raffle donation from SITC
  31. You have to see this stuff to believe how beautiful it is!
  32. rods
  33. We are going sale crazy this weekend!!
  34. Thanks SITC
  35. Great shipments this week from LA!!! In Thursday!
  36. We Are Open Regular Hours All Weekend, Happy 4th!!!
  37. Two Amazing LA Orders Friday!!!!
  38. Beautiful Shipment In This Thursday!
  39. Lots of great stuff coming in Thursday!
  40. ORA at Sea in the City! Ultra Maxima Clams in stock...includ
  41. Lots of ORA left and great shipment Wednesday
  42. Sea in the City...LA Shipment Friday...open 12-7 pm Monday,
  43. Our tanks are packed with two big shipments this week!
  44. Lots of stock and lots of sales!!
  45. Huge Quality Marine order in Thursday, must see!
  46. Loads of good stuff coming in Thursday!!
  47. We are beyond stocked up!
  48. Lots and lots of goodies in stock!!!
  49. Great Weekend To Stop By!!
  50. Treats are starting early at Sea In The City!
  51. Great LA Order In Today!!!
  52. We are loaded up with lots of great stuff!!
  53. Tons of beautiful fish and coral overload!!!!!
  54. Lots of new corals, frags, fish and inverts!
  55. Clams, clams and clams!! Tons of other goodies too!
  56. Starry Bleeny
  57. Save A Turkey, Buy A Fish!!!! Thanksgiving week sales!
  58. This week
  59. Fish, fish and more fish!!!
  60. Great Shipment This Week
  61. Happy Holidays at Sea In The City...Storewide Sale!
  62. Beautiful LA order in!!
  63. Fish, Handpicked Corals and hungry inverts!!!
  64. Overloaded with amazing corals!!
  65. Raffle Ticket Pulled...Lots of new stuff this week!
  66. Another great week at Sea In The City
  67. Another great shipment in!
  68. New shipment in!
  69. Early Shipment This Week
  70. LA order in this week
  71. Soo Many Shipments This Week!!
  72. Our Tanks Are Overloaded!!!!
  73. We are loaded up with fish, ORA Corals, inverts and more!
  74. Lots of corals, fish, inverts and sales!
  75. Lots of great stuff in this week
  76. Large fish order, inverts, dry goods and cherry picked coral
  77. Sea in the City this week!
  78. Coral Sale this Weekend!!!
  79. Gorgeous New Corals in today, Fish, Inverts and Dry Goods Tomorrow! New Live Rock!
  80. Tons of great stuff this week!
  81. Another great coral sale this weekend!
  82. Lots in this week!
  83. Amazing Coral Shipment in yesterday
  84. What a week to stop by SITC!!
  85. Loaded up this week!
  86. Tanks are stocked up!
  87. Customer Appreciation Coral Blowout Sale!!!
  88. Loaded Up: ORA, Fish, Inverts and Corals!!!!!
  89. Lots of stuff in stock! Get your tank looking good for Thanksgiving guests!
  90. Hand picked coral order in!!!
  91. Celebrate Small Business Saturday with us, lots of sales!!!
  92. Great fish order in from QM
  93. HUGE Fish shipment and coral sale!
  94. ORA Shipment in on Friday and 20% off of all live sand!!!
  95. Gift Certificate Sale and tons of stuff in stock!!
  96. Big Coral Sale!!!!!
  97. Awesome coral shipment in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. Loaded up with fish and inverts to go along with coral shipment!!!
  99. Another great week at Sea In The City!
  100. 20% off coral sale this weekend only!!!
  101. Fish, Inverts and Supplies..OH MY!
  102. Australian Coral Order is in!!!
  103. Another amazing week!
  104. 20% off coral this weekend and a big l.a. Fish order in!
  105. Another great week to stop by and check out the goodies!
  106. Tons of shipments and a big coral sale!!!
  107. Fish, Corals, Inverts and Supplies all in this week!
  108. Lots of stuff in this week and we are open on Easter!
  109. Big 25% off coral sale this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. We have gone Coral Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  111. Lots in this week!!
  112. We are open 12-7 today and a coral sale!
  113. We have extended our huge sale through today!!!
  114. Frag Fest at Sea in the City: Buy a frag...help an abused animal/family this weekend!
  115. Sea in the City this week!
  116. Sea in the City this week! What the heck's a Fringyfin???
  117. Blue Friday at Sea in the City
  118. Lots happening at Sea in the City!
  119. Sea in the City newsletter 2/6/13
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