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03-06-2006, 04:37 PM
Iím George Toole. I have been an ORCA member since 2000 and have served on the board as Public Relations, Treasurer, and most recently Orcaís President (2005-2006.) Until recently I was running a 180 gallon SPS system which rocked. But due to power bills and time I have decided to contract to a more manageable size system.

My wife Joanne Toole(Assily) has also been a ORCA member since 2000 and has served on the board as Membership Director, Vice-President(2005-2006), and currently President (2006-2007.) Since we are expecting she will only be serving a partial term and I back by Mr. Craig Schweitzer. A special thanks to him for finish the year as president.

We started out with a 65 gallon which was dominated by softies and flatworms. Oh the glory days. We ended up with a small indoor aquaculture facility where we grew tons of SPS ad softies. We have down sized our systems but not our love for the hobby. These days we are into rare and deepwater SPS and Zonathids. I am very experienced in multiple different types of chemical supplementation. I have not done it all but I have most likely read about it. I can help if you have questions.

I must agree with Mr. Clements, MACNA is a must experience event. Then again the proposed event on 07-07-07 will be also. SRC! SRC! SRC! SRC! You get the point.

Happy Reefing!