View Full Version : Noob saying hello

02-26-2007, 01:38 PM
Hi, My wife and I went to the Saturday meeting and joined the club. I am Morgan and my wife is Heather.
I've been around salt and fresh water tanks the majority of my life. We got serious about reefkeeping a little less than a year ago. We now have 5 tanks going. We have a 50g reef with lots LR and all kinds of corals, a 20L with lots of macros a sea horse and pipefish, my wife has a NC 12 reef with lots of corals, I have a 2.5 pico reef w/ a 2.5g fuge, and we just set up a 20H frag tank.
Next is an upgrade from 50g to 100ish.

Anyhoo, we really had a great time at the meeting and look forward to many more and meeting the lot of you.