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02-24-2008, 06:41 PM
I started diving when I was 14 years old in South Florida. When I caught my first marine fish, a Beau Gregory, for a 5 gallon aquarium, I was hooked. I got a part-time job for Exotic Marines, Inc., an ornamental marine fish collector and exporting company in Pompano Beach, Florida, diving SCUBA and hookah on weekends and in the summers while in High School. After graduating High School I work full time for a year as a Marine Fish Collector/Diver before join the U.S. Army. After three years in the US Army came back to South Florida, started college and working as a Life Support Scientific Tech/Research Diver for Aquatic Sciences, Inc. of Boca Raton Florida, a research laboratory that was working on various projects for Florida Atlantic University and the private business sector. I started breeding and rearing Neon Gobies (Elacatinus oceanops) and Banded Coral Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) in the mid 1970's (the research lab wasn't interested, but I was). The success rate was only 1-2 per cent, at best, as I was trying to develop the proper food culture (marine rotifers) and zooplankton harvesting from local inlets for feeding the newly hatched larva. As my success increased slightly, I began re-stocking the local reefs where I had collected their parents. I also built a small artificial reef in a secret, hard to get to, location were I could observe the newly introduced fish in their natural environment. I also wrote monthly articles for Marine Hobbyist News from 1973-1978 called "The Florida Reef". Most of the articles focused on collecting and keeping marine fish as well as the reef ecosystem. In the early 80's, I wasn't making money on my mariculture hobby so I took some time off from diving and raising marine fish to make some money and raise my kids. I moved to the Orlando area in 1990. Have been diving around Florida springs, the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. Recently I have decided to started a Marine Ornamentals Breeding hobby/farm in Central Florida. I am currently collecting mated pairs of fish and invertebrates and developing various food cultures. I hope to pickup, where I left off many years ago and take the pressure off local marine ornamental collecting and encourage hobbyist to get into breeding marine ornamentals.

I am very impress with the breeding that you guy are doing. GREAT web site. I'm glad I found it...it will help.


02-25-2008, 06:59 AM
Hello Gary!

Let me be the first to welcome you to ORCA! It's always great to see a new person in town going in the direction of aqua culturing! I hope that you become active in the club and share your wealth of knowledge with fellow club members. It sounds like you have a ton of experience to offer!



02-25-2008, 07:34 AM

WOW!!!!! Sounds like you have done some really cool stuff in the hobby.....Where are you located? I am planning to have one and maybe two coral banded shrimps in my tank.....maybe we need to talk.....

At any rate, Welcome!!!!!!