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01-17-2010, 07:56 PM
[size=12](1) A. An email or phone call will need to be sent to me at skinnyjoe@cfl.rr.com or frags@o-r-c-a.org. You will be sent a confirmation email and a excel sheet to fill out (please don't modify) and return to myself with photo's as attachments (no larger than 1meg each please) At this time the list and photos will be uploaded to the site. Check to make sure they are correct and those will be your numbers for the event. this is what i need for information

Name of Coral (common name)
• Size of frag (ex. 3”x4”, 2” multi-branching or # of polyps, heads or eyes)
• Color of frag (ex. Green w/ blue tips)
• Membership number
• Photos of the frag WYSIWYG or Mother Colony (please specify which)

B. Before bagging, write that number small in the center of the bag, labels will be put on at time of check in. Put your member number in the bottom right side of the bag.

C. All corals need to be put in store quality bags not zip lock bags as they will leak and case a mess and a delay in the event. If the coral is leaking it will be your responsablity to fix it before the start of the event.

D. All corals must have photos of the actual frag or mother colony in order to participate in the event. This will draw more attention and money for the coral.

E. All pics must be submitted no later than a week before the event to allow time for Naomi to put the slide show together. this will be the Saturday before the event.

F. No more than 50 per family membership and no more than 3 like species; e.g. orange montipora digitata

G. There will be no walkins allowed in order to have the frag event started on time

H. I may ask that no more corals be submitted in the case of having excessive amounts that may cause the auction to run long.

(2)A. Members that bring corals will receive 50% of the final bid amount payable at the end of the event.

B. Members bringing corals need to arrive 1 hour before start of meeting to provide time for check-in and to have the meeting start on time. This will 9 times out of 10 be at 6:00pm you will need to check the annoucments to verfiy.

C. During check-in process, see me to drop off the corals and leave them with me and if I have any concerns I will find you to ask them. so stick around the area but not where i will be located

D. During the auction I ask that non-participating members refrain from disturbing other members bidding and allow the auctioneer to be heard. At checkout, no more than 2 members at a time in the room to keep down on the noise.

E. All corals must be clean of all bugs; (e.g. red bugs, nudi’s flat worms, etc). Any signs of this and I remove them from the auction.

F. By participating in the auction members need to understand that this is a auction and the corals may not bring what you think they are worth, but the club will ensure we try to fetch what we can get for each coral.

G. Any misrepresentation of frags will not be tolerated, the board and I reserve the right to decline frags from the event at any time whether it be for obvious parasites or over growth of nuisance algea, or pictures that shows signs of being photoshop or having the picture taken under actinics only. this only takes away from your fellow members.

H. ORCA and the board are not responsible for the introduction of unwanted pests into the purchasers tank. Any malicious misrepresentation will be delt with on a case by case basis.

I. ORCA does not condone nor support the commercial farming or commercial aqua culturing of live corals by anyone without proper licensing. For questions regarding Florida laws on Aqua culturing please see the following Web Sites:

You can call me anytime if you need something. my cell is 321-266-8564 or 321-385-9885. since the nature of my business i may not hear the phone ring so leave a messageand i will return your call

04-10-2010, 08:41 PM
The ORCA Frag Event has grown quarter after quarter for the last couple years. Around one year ago we unveiled the slide show as part of the frag event, and it has been evolving and growing ever since. Most recently we have begun to experience some growing pains as the number of corals is ever increasing, and with it the complications and time required to facilitate the event. Some changes are in order.

This quarter the cut off date for coral submissions will be absolute on April 17th. No Corals will be accepted after 11:59pm on 4-17-10. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it will translate to an improved quarterly frag event.

With any concerns about the change in policy, feel free to contact me directly: president@o-r-c-a.org

Please see the below link for information on submitting frags: