View Full Version : 48" HQI MH Fixture and 48" GLO T5 HO Fluorescent F

03-13-2010, 07:48 PM
I have for sale a GLO T5 HO Linear Fluorescent Fixture (2 T-5 bulbs)
The T-5 fixture has true actinics in it. There is also a brand new set of spare bulbs. (This fixture is 6 months old.)
I also have a Coralife Aqualight Advanced Series. This fixture is 1 year old. The fixture has two 150 watt HQI MH bulbs. It presently has XM bulbs in it. I also have a spare set of Ushio bulbs for this fixture. I have also installed six 1 watt blue LEDs to this fixture for moon lights. (These can be removed if desired.)
$275.00 for all of it.