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04-11-2010, 11:01 AM
As some of you have seen, I've been selling my corals out of my tank. Since they're almost all sold, I thought I'd put the whole tank up for sale instead of trying to sell everything separately to see if anyone's interested in the whole thing. If no one is, then I'll start breaking it down once the livestock is sold.

Selling it all together would be great since all the equipment is tied up together and there are some custom equipment features. I built this setup for SPS, so all the equipment is top notch.

The tank: It's a Cadlights 39g Signature with the Cadlights stand. This tank and stand combo is sold for $780, plus a lot of money for shipping. Normally it is sold with the skimmer, lights, and a fan, however I wanted higher quality equipment so I bought it tank and pump only. It's a beautiful tank though, super thick rimless glass, go to their website to read all about it.

The lights: ATI Sunpower 2x24w (24"). ATI is the best you can buy in the T5 world, and this fixture has more than enough power to keep SPS anywhere in the tank. I also built a custom suspension system for it that attaches to the Cadlights stand. You can move the light up to work on the tank. Also, you can position the light at any height depending on your light output (PAR) needs. Best price online for this unit is $409 plus shipping with 4 bulbs, mine comes with 6 bulbs.

The skimmer: Custom euro-reef nano. I think they might be making them production now for the 39g signature, but mine has two pump holes so you can fine tune it a little better. I also modified the effluent exit to my liking. It has ER's new meshwheel. This skimmer produces foam head just as well as my MSX200 did in my 90g! It's a great skimmer, certainly enough for SPS in this size tank. I think they're about $200 new.

Miscellaneous: Twin azoo cooling fans, Jager heater, both hooked up to a Reefkeeper light keep the tank within 0.5 degrees at all times. The Reefkeeper also controls lights. I have a JBJ auto top off with 5 gallon reservoir in the stand and custom piping. The reservoir lasts about a week and a half. Also, there is a Sapphire media reactor in the back in which I run carbon. Ground probe is there too.

All the equipment is hooked up to an American DJ power center for easy on/off of anything you'd like. The strip has lighted switches.

All this stuff was probably around $360, not including shipping.

Flow: MP40w. Best pump on the market! More than enough for SPS in this size tank, of course. They're $400+ new.

Livestock: This setup would come with about 30 lbs sand, 30 lbs liverock, and water. I'd also throw in about 5 5g buckets and the rest of the salt I have. For now, I still have several nice corals and some nice fish in there, which would be a free incentive to buy the package. As the livestock sells separately, though, the price of the package doesn't come down, they are basically just in the deal for free as an incentive to buy quickly ;). Fish include mated pair or ORA black clowns, hawk fish, and a jawfish. There are also two shrimp and a lot of snails. Comes with food for them.

All this equipment is self contained in the stand; there is only one power cord exiting the back of the stand for a super clean look. The system as also built with energy costs in mind; it consumes very little power.

This setup might be the cheapest way to get into SPS, and is also perfect for any other type of coral! You'd not need to upgrade anything; everything is the best out there for this size category.

If you'd like to remove anything from the package to get the cost down, I can do that too! I also have other accessories available like an RO/DI filter, refractometer, test kits, 2 part, etc. Again, all high quality stuff.

iAt this point in time, I'd like to ask that no one PM me asking me to sell one specific thing. If the package doesn't sell, then I'll be more than happy to do that, but I'm not going to hold anything or put you on a list or anything, it's just too much to keep track of.

Price for the whole package listed above: $1650. I calculated this price with prices I could easily get for the equipment on forums, and then threw in a discount on top of that. It's a very fair price, as all this stuff is only about 6 months old and in top condition.

04-11-2010, 11:06 AM
A few pics. Most are older, but still accurate as to what it looks like:





04-11-2010, 06:58 PM
I've seen this setup in person, it is very sleek. A great deal as always from Becact.