View Full Version : CoralCon (Frights and Frags) tickets

10-03-2014, 11:12 PM
We have been asked to pre-sale CoralCon tickets. The tickets at the door will be $15. Through us you can buy the tickets at the rate of $10 for 1-day and $15 for 2-day. CoralCon will actually give ORCA a percentage of the sale. So this is a win-win situation. You get a discount and ORCA gets paid. I personally have the tickets, but if we can't meet to exchange the tickets, then I will give CoralCon a list and you can pick up your ticket at Will Call.

To purchase tickets please send money through PayPal. Our e-mail for PayPal is treasurer@o-r-c-a.com. Go to Paypal.com, click on send money, put in our e-mail, put in the appropriate dollar amount, and put in the comment section that it is for CoralCon and how many days.

See you at CoralCon!