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  1. Sucks about the tank. Hopefully the new tank takes off. I'm sending you some stuff take out what you want for the tank and give the rest to the club.
  2. Thanks! I'd love to hand out some stuff to the club. They haven't had a club meeting since I've been here because of the holidays, but I think the next one is scheduled for January.
    Oh man, it was crazy moving the tank up here. My tank actually cracked and broke on the way up and I had to scramble to get a rubber container setup as a temporary tank. Luckily someone had a 40 breeder for sale so I got a new tank running in a week. I lost a few of my smaller frags, a couple of fish and a couple of clams, but everything is back to normal now. The tank is going through another cycle after getting all new sand and moving everything but hopefully it'll be over soon. I think I'm going to hold off buying any new livestock for the tank until we move again in a year or 2. Maybe by then it'll be time for a bigger tank anyway

    Thanks again for the products. They'll all love me coming to my first meeting with gifts in hand!

    My new address is 2921 Glade Aster Ct, Raleigh, NC 27604.
  3. Let me know when you get your tank back up and running. I'll send you some stuff for you and the club.
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