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    List of Divers

    I'm starting a list of ORCA members who Scuba Dive in an effort to make it easier to plan dive trips between members.
    I will be editing this post to reflect members that post as active divers in this thread, and hopefully we can sticky this thread. Also let me know if you do collecting or are interested in collecting.

    Name: Joshua Solomon
    Nickname: Cheekymonkey
    Diving Interests: all
    Preferred Contact: or Phone

    Name: Valerie
    Nickname: Brazengrrl
    Diving Interests: Many

    Name: Ray Wortley
    Nickname: RayRay
    Diving Interests: all

    Name: Jason
    NN: lifesworks
    Diving Interests: All
    Preferred Contact: Email or Phone

    Mitch Carter
    NickName: MitchReef
    I just plain love breathing bottled air, Interested in ANY diving
    Contact by email: or phone, you have my number

    Laurie Haglund (my lovely fiance)
    Loves ocean diving (not too keen on springs and caverns)
    Contact us both via my contact info

    Name: Barry & Jack Markey
    NN: mrcrab
    Diving Interests: prefer reef but will do spring, not certified for cave
    Preferred Contact: Email or Phone

    Name: Chad
    NN: lusenut2
    Diving Interests: all, except spring
    Preferred Contact:

    Name: Natalie
    NN: Bustmonkey
    Diving Interests: all
    Preferred Contact:

    Name: Jeff
    NN: jbas
    Diving Interest: Reef/East Coast
    Preferred Contact: jbascle @

    Name: Gary Hammond
    Nickname: gvhammond
    Diving Interests: Collecting marine ornamentals for breeding, reefs in South Florida
    Preferred Contact: or Phone:352-223-9844

    JoAnne Donahue
    email address:

    Name: Leslie
    NN: 1dolphin
    Diving Interest: newbie OWD
    Preferred Contact:

    Name: Chad
    NN: bigginapk
    Diving Interest: All
    Preferred Contact:

    Keli Smith
    Newbie OWD - NAUI
    Preferred Contact:

    Name: Jason & Tara
    NN: fleetmarine79 on ORCA and Reefmedic79 on RC
    Will dive anywhere anytime.

    NAME: Andrew
    NN: Tynee
    Occupation: Commercial SCUBA and hardhat diver

    Name: Mac
    NN: Reefkeeper

    Name: Richard
    NN: saltysupply RC and ORCA
    Interests: all
    Open Water PADI

    Rick Loewen
    Terry Loewen
    Name: Tricky
    Diving Interests: Watching cool fishies, night diving, looking a beautiful corals, underwater photography, bug collecting. Prefer nitrox diving, exotic locations.

    Name: Caleb Scott
    NN: mavdog32
    Diving Interests: I only do Ocean Dives and most of those are in Palm Beach. Love to have some of you all along

    Name: Phillip Pearl
    NN: badmanalive
    Diving Interest: Yes

    Name: Josh & Megan
    NN: SPLzero
    Diving Interests: Salt or Fresh It doesnt matter.
    Preferred Contact:

    Name: Steve Kinnaird
    Diving Interest: Anything but cave
    Preferred Contact Method:

    Name: Juan Sanchez
    Newbie OWD only 12 dives under my belt
    Never been on a collecting dive, sounds awesome
    pm or email

    Padi Divemaster
    Diving Interest : All but love wrecks and Reefs
    Contact :

    Rick Waibel jr.
    PADI AOW certified..
    All types of dives.. Also photography..

    keener white
    padi cert
    love wreck diving

    Name: David Morrison
    Nick name: Dave?
    Diving interests: Reef
    Preferred Contact: smoke signals or phone/email

    Padi Diver
    Diving Interest : All and would love to learn about collecting.
    Contact :

    Name: Laura Michelle
    Diving Interests: Underwater Photography and coral
    Preferred Contact:

    Name: Ron Smith
    Nickname: Chompers
    Diving Interests: all
    Preferred Contact: morkork (at) hotmail (dot) com <--disguised to deter spam bots

    Name: Don Hammel
    Residence: Oviedo, FL
    Aquariums: 300 gal fish and inverts, 30 reef, 30 hex, 55 quarantin/hospital. Aquarium critters self-populated or aquacultured.
    Aquarium issues: Acrylic scratches!!
    Interests: Marine aquaria, collecting, fishing, diving. Oh yeah, husband, father, dog and boat owner.
    Occupation: Currently an engineering project manager at Siemens Energy after 21 years at Kennedy Space Center, including a few years as a Solid Rocket Booster recovery diver/engineer.

    Name: Dave & Amanda Lynn
    Nickname: Hooked & Mermaid
    Dive Institute: SSI & PADI
    Dive Interests: all
    Contact Info: &

    Name: Amanda Lynn
    Nickname: Mermaid
    Dive Institue: PADI - Advanced Certified
    Dive Interests: Reef Diving and getting involved in Reef restoration

    Name: Chris
    NN: Like-fish
    Diving Interests: Spearfishing! Frequently dive the Atlantic and Gulf for dinner. (I know its not popular with everyone but fish dont put themselves on your dinner plate) Have a large collection of dive locations (GPS). Have done some collecting of macro-algae and fish as allowed by law. Everything from snorkeling to deep SCUBA (170' deepest) its all good as long as its salt water!

    Name: Chip
    NN: Chip
    Diving Interests: Reef, Drift, Deep, Photo, Lobstering, Spearfishing, Technical diving, Trimix, Cave, DPV, Beach Dives, Closed Circuit Rebreather, Nitrox, wreck, night, ...

    Name: Tucker Arnold
    Nickname: Coraloliseffect
    Dive Institue: PADI OW, Enriched Air
    Dive Interests: Reef Diving and getting involved in Reef restoration And perhaps fish collection.
    Working on PADI advanced.

    Name: Richard and Barbara
    Nick: Saltwater
    Diving Interest: Anything but cave unless we are going for treasure
    Preferred Contact Method: Orca or

    Name: Cesar Campo
    Nickname: ccampo
    Diving Interests: Open Water dives, collecting and recreational dives
    Preferred Contact: PM
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