ORCA has adopted the same rule regarding the buying or selling of reef related livestock and corals as those on Reef Central. If you plan to buy, sell or trade on the ORCA web site, we respectfully ask that you adhere to these rules:

ORCA wants to encourage the trading and selling of items among hobbyist. Giving others the opportunity to buy, used tanks lights etc and corals or livestock can be nothing less than a benefit to all involved.

These forums exist as a service for our members to trade or sell their reef related items. They are not intended in any form or fashion to be used as a commercial outlet. Please keep in mind that being seen as commercial does not necessarily require you having a brick and mortar or online store. Selling with the foremost thought of making money, having a large inventory, a constant supply of an item, buying and reselling, growing out coral with the intention of selling and other factors will at a minimum make you appear commercial according to our guidelines. Recognizing that it is impossible to construct a definition which will satisfy every situation or circumstance, ORCA reserves the right to determine whether or not a post violates the “intent” of the “commercial post” policy or definition. Violation of this policy will be grounds for removal from our community.

Please follow proper etiquette in these forums. Selling and trading threads are not for discussion or feedback. Feedback and off topic post in selling and trading forums will be removed without notification. If you wish to purchase or trade please post. However, if you only wish to comment on the quality of someone else’s trade item or the price with no intention of buying or trading please keep those thoughts to yourself. This type of post only sidetracks the thread away from the goal of the original poster which is selling or trading their item.

You are expected to place a FIRM asking price in your thread.Threads without an listed price, auctions, "first to PayPal" and "best-offer" threads are not allowed and will be removed on a daily basis. Links to Ebay and other selling sites will also be removed. The trading or sales of non-reef-related items is not allowed on ORCA.

Our mission at ORCA is the exchange of hobby information, not commerce, and the selling and trading forums are a perk for those members who support ORCA's mission.

Please keep in mind that these forums are a service ORCA provides. Following the above guidelines help make the forums more user-friendly, and certainly makes them easier to moderate.