Corporate Sponsorships are offered for a $100.00 fee for a Rotating Calendar Year

Paid Corporate Sponsorships will receive the following:
1. Banner advertisement on the ORCA website that will link to their website.
2. They will be listed on the sponsor link page.
3. They will be given forum moderation privileges for their forum only.
4 They will be given a corporate membership as currently described in the by-laws.
5. They will be acknowledged at monthly meetings, during the opening comments by the President.

That said, here are some "play nice" rules for the sponsor forums:
1. Sponsors should refrain from posting in other sponsor's forums.
2. If a customer is in a sponsor's forum and wants to know a price of a product, other sponsors SHOULD NOT PM that person. If the customer wants to know a price from you, he'll come into your forum.
3. NO store bashing will be tolerated. Let’s stay away from negative posts.
4. ORCA members should direct any outside inquiries for "a good store"
to our sponsors page.
5. Lets all use common sense when posting.

As usual, ORCA welcomes all feedback. You can email the ORCA President at or any board member with any comments/questions/concerns.