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Thread: Breeding Journal (Amphiprion Ocellaris)

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    Breeding Journal (Amphiprion Ocellaris)

    Breeding Journal DataSheet
    This first post should be updated regularly to include new information as events take place or changes are made to your
    Social Structure:
    Size of Individuals:
    Age of Individuals:
    Date added to Tank:

    Broodstock Tank Details
    Size of Tank: 120 gallon reef
    Substrate Details: shallow sand bed
    Filtration Details: 20 gallon refug and 20 gallon sump
    Water Changes: 30 gallons every two weeks
    Water Temperature: 78-80
    Lighting: 6X54W T5 HO and one 250W MH
    Lighting Cycle: 10:30 to 10:30 Antics and 12:00 to 7:00 Day light
    Other Tank Inhabitants: Lots two tangs, four cromis, one clown gobby, lawnmower Blenny, Midas Blenny, two mandarins.

    Broodstock Feeding Details
    Food Types:
    Feeding Schedule:

    Spawning Details
    Date of First Spawn: spawning for past few years
    Spawn Time of Day: evenings or right after the lights go out
    Dates of Consecutive Spawns:
    Courtship Details:
    Egg Size: small
    Egg Color: orange
    Egg Count: over 30

    Hatch Details
    Hatch Date:
    Hatch Time of Day:
    # Days after Spawn:
    Larvae Description:

    Larval Tank Details
    Temperature: 80
    Size of Larval Tank: 10 gallon
    Substrate Details: none
    Other Tank Decor: none
    Filtration Details: small trickle filter
    Lighting: none
    Lighting Cycle: near 120 so same as that
    Water Changes: Plan to do small ones daily

    Larval Feeding Details
    Food Types: rots
    Feeding Schedule:

    Date of Settlement Start:
    Days after Hatch:
    Date of Settlement End:
    Description of Fry:

    Grow-Out Tank Details
    Size of Grow-Out Tank:
    Substrate Details:
    Other Tank Decor:
    Filtration Details:
    Lighting Cycle:
    Water Changes:
    Size at Transfer:
    Age at Transfer:

    Grow-Out Feeding Details
    Food Types:
    Feeding Schedule:

    Additional Information
    Miscellaneous Information:

    You will be required to provide photographic evidence in this thread of each event submitted for the MBI Program.
    If your thread does not contain these photos the MBI Committee will not be able to approve your reports.
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