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Thread: Thank you george!

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    Thank you george!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to George for calling FWC to my house for selling fish. they politely knocked on my. I greeted them, let them in, i showed them all my stock and my Aquaculture license. they turned right around and went home. You are a small man sir.

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    I don't know if there are currently any members named George but I don't think so... I hope you won't mind some questions; this is very interesting to me.

    How do you know "George" called? Do you know who this is or was it a name given to you?

    How did the FWC get your address? Was "George" someone who visited your home? Did they call and schedule an appointment?

    Did the FWC bother searching for your address in the aquaculture license database? I thought they were obliged to check the listing to see if your legal address was listed as an aquaculture facility, no?

    I for one am really glad you have your license. I've seen your sale threads around and remember thinking... "Wow, selling Queen Angels in Florida without an aquaculture license is begging for trouble."

    In the future, will you include your aquaculture license number in your sale listing? Do you think this would have prevented the knock?

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