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Thread: Welcome Reefers Direct !!!

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    Welcome Reefers Direct !!!

    Thank you for your support as new Sponsor.

    Contact info as follows :

    Reefers Direct
    1 888 410-2880
    3227 13th St. St Cloud, FL 34769

    ORCA Member discount: 10% off normally priced livestock
    Good Luck,
    Cesar Campo
    ORCA Web Admin 2009-2017

    My 210g Journal

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    Welcome as one of ORCA's sponsors.
    Mixed reef 180 gallon DT,Euroreef rs 250 skimmer, AI LED lights, 2 Sicce HP Voyager 8 power heads, 40 sump, 40g frag tank, 75g Display Tank

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    Sweet never been there before. Will have to check them out.
    ><((>`..`.><((>.`.. ><((((> ><(((((>
    I keep water, last checked about 600 gallons worth.
    Problem is animals keep using it as there water closet.
    Worst of all the littlest ones keep using up all the supplies.

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