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Thread: FMAS doing a fundraiser for PJAC and are matching donations

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    FMAS doing a fundraiser for PJAC and are matching donations

    Received a message from Matt with the following, sharing this info with you all.

    Hello my name is Matt and I am the VP for FMAS (Florida Marine Aquarium Society). We are doing a fundraiser for PJAC and are matching donations. Would you please share this out with your club. Thank you for your continued support in our hobby.
    and here's the message:

    Donate to PIJAC

    The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC):

    PROMOTES responsible pet ownership and animal welfare
    FOSTERS environmental stewardship &
    ENSURES the availability of pets

    The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is requesting public input regarding the potential need for protective regulations for 20 coral species listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). If NMFS applies all of the prohibitions contained in Section 9(a)(1) of the ESA to the 20 listed coral species, a range of activities would become prohibited under federal law unless a party obtains further authorization from NMFS. These prohibited activities would include importing or exporting the species; possessing, transporting or selling the listed species; or handling, capturing, or holding the species in captivity. (See more: here)

    PIJAC is working to ensure that the regulations are fair, based on scientific study, and will help to protect both the environment and the marine aquaria hobby.

    FMAS will match your donation, DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR, up to a maximum of $5000.
    Good Luck,
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    This is a great idea.

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