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Thread: 2015 Frag Events: Rules and Guidelines

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    Cog 2015 Frag Events: Rules and Guidelines

    Here are the latest revision of the ORCA Frag event!

    We are very excited to bring some significant new changes to the system, which will hopefully make the event a good experience for everyone and also it will run smoother.

    The biggest change from previous events is that ORCA members as well as non-ORCA members will be able to submit frags for the event.
    Another change is the split, ORCA members will receive 75% of the bidding price for the frags he/she brought and ORCA keeping only 25%, for non-ORCA members bringing frags, they will receive 50% of the bidding price with ORCA keeping the other 50%, check-out at the end of the event to get paid for your frags and also to pay for the frags that you bid and won. ORCA Membership is available to all, contact the membership director for details.
    When submitting frags you'll have the opportunity to set a "reserved price" or "starting bid", that value will be used by the auctioneer to start off the bidding and unless the owner, fragger who submitted the frag, is present at the event and approves to lower the reserved price, if the frag do not reach the reserved price the frag will not be sold.

    Just like in the past, If you are not an ORCA member, there's a $5.00 fee for participating in the frag event, either by bringing or buying frags. $5 max per person. If a guest brings and buys frags on the very same frag event only $5.00 fee will be charged in total.

    The way the frags are submitted is not going to change and it will continue to be done online via this website.
    Simply click on the event, then click the “submit frag” button. Information including common name, approximate size, color and whether the picture is the actual frag (WYSIWYG), the mother colony or a representative coral should be submitted with the best picture possible. Remember, good photos bring more $$$!.

    For every frag submitted the system will give each a unique number – please write this on the bag as well as the name of the frag the day of the event. Store quality bags are a MUST! (ie No ziplocs please.)

    The cutoff date for frag submissions will be posted for each event, but it is usually the night prior to the meeting date.

    Please limit corals to no more than 3 of the same variety (don’t bring your whole tank of orange digi please!) and there's also a limit of 50 coral frags per person that they can bring.

    If you are bringing corals, please plan to arrive early to allow for coral check in, at least 30 min prior to the start of the meeting.

    All corals should be free of pests/parasites and any discovery of red bugs, planaria, etc will disqualify the coral in question.

    Misrepresentation of frags will not be tolerated, and the frag coordinator and ORCA board reserve the right to decline questionable frags (ie parasites, nuisance algae, photoshopped pictures, etc.) We want this to be the best possible event for everyone.

    ORCA and the board of directors are not responsible for any introduction of unwanted pests into a purchaser’s tank. Any cases of malicious misrepresentation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

    ORCA does not condone nor support the commercial farming or commercial aqua culturing of live corals by anyone without proper licensing. For questions regarding Florida laws on Aquaculture, please see the following Web Site:

    Feel free to email or send a PM to any of the board members with any questions

    ORCA Frag Coordinator
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