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Thread: Complete 120G Oceanic Tech

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    Complete 120G Oceanic Tech

    I no longer have the time it takes to properly maintain my system so it is time to let it go. I would like to sell it complete for $2500 but if not possible I will eventually part it out. It includes all listed here plus livestock which includes a Purple Tang, Hippo Tang, Flame Angel, Bengai Cardinal, Coris Wrasse, Diamond Goby, Black & White Clown, Rose Bubbletip Anemone, Rainbow Bubbletip Anemone, some zoas on the bigger rocks and two nice green leathers. If interested I can text pictures.

    120 Gallon Oceanic Tech, 4x4x8 with stand and canopy. Starfire glass on front. Some scratches.
    Two Ecotech MP40W ES power heads with spare wet side.
    Three AI Sol Blue Led fixtures. One has a single blue led burned out. An additional spare AI Sol blue that quit working but can be used for parts, including a replacement led for the burned out one. Additional controller that is a little hard to program because the knob is a little flakey.
    QuietOne 6000 return pump.
    Apex controller with one EB8, temp probe and ph probe. The back key does not work so setting it up you have to always go forward through the menus.
    30 Gallom sump.
    Reef Octopus 160 Skimmer
    JBJ Auto Top Off
    Unfinished Oak cabinet for auto top off 20 gallon RO water tank and Power strips.
    Two dosing pumps. I havenít used these so I donít know the current condtion.
    Five Stage Plus RO/DI system from Bulk Reef Supply including two 32 Gallon Rubbermaid cans on wheel sets used for water changes. Needs new filter set.
    About 150 pounds of live rock

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    sorry to hear your done BUD. if i think of anyone ill send em this way. if you get to parting out.. i may want the mp40's and the live stock. don't let it get too bad they are at risk I can rehouse them in the mean time if needed.
    Four individual systems Right now.
    Modified Red sea 250 with attached 20 gal frag system XR15 pro light on FRAG tank, combo t5 reef bright led on main tank, now @100 gal total mostly sps tank, auto WC, Custom life reef filtration system Fuge and skimmer. KALK ATO chiller mp10's.
    30gal red sea 130d lps/softies/anemone tank, kalk ato, reef bright led strip.
    40 quarantine set up.
    500 total gallon marineland 300 DD main system 18 months old now and stabilized. T5 VHO lights/ BLUE led strip, Fully custom built LIFE REEF sump and FUGE, AWESOME 60" tall skimmer, and 1000+ gallon rated custom Ca reactor, attached SPS frag system and LPS frag system.
    I am expanding into this one ATM bit by bit,

    Still lots to learn about the hobby but I have amassed a great collection of real beauties and a FRAG saw will be in my future I think. I have broken past the stage of keeping things alive and now there actually growing out. Which is a big hurdle for many beginners I must admit. Good information and advise is hard to get sometimes and the club has done wonders with respect to quality advise and help in the hobby.

    THANKS Orlando Reef Educators Organization!!!!

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