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    NEW to ORCA

    Hello, Everyone.

    My Name is Michael I am new to ORCA I come up from the Florida Keys and live in Kissimmee now and wanted to get involved with the locals here. A Little bit about me is I have been in the hobby for about 15 years and I also do this for a living now. I went to school and have a Masters of Science in Marine Biology, and a PADI Dive instructor and finishing to obtain a DR in Marine Bio. I Currently in the process of building a fish room and a separate Coral room the fish room is about 200 sqft and the coral room that I have designed is 432 sqft and I have a shop that is a coral farm that will be in the process of moving up from the keys to Kissimmee area in the following few months. The shop is 4464 sqft and currently looking for a larger shop to make a larger farm here in the Kissimmee area.

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    We have several divers here in the club, myself included, we're very active divrs during summer season with some diving trips to Key Largo and Tavernier as well.

    I hope we can meet during our next ORCA meeting which is a frag event, stay tuned for more details about that.

    It is good to know you have a Marine Biology masters degree, I'm sure the club could use some of your knowledge for a few talks.

    Again, Welcome to ORCA forums!!!
    Good Luck,
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    Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you at the meetings. The next one is this Saturday; as Cesar has said it is a frag event.
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    Welcome Michael. Look forward to seeing you at a few meeting or around town at some of the great shops. lots of great Corals come from our neck of the woods these days. Were lucky.
    Four individual systems Right now.
    30gal red sea 130d lps/softies/anemone tank, kalk ato, reef bright led strip.
    40 softies set up.
    550 total gallon marineland 300 DD main system 18 months old now and stabilized. T5 VHO lights/ BLUE led strip, Fully custom built LIFE REEF sump and FUGE, AWESOME 60" tall skimmer, and 1000+ gallon rated custom Ca reactor, 3 50 gallon attached SPS frag systems lite with a combination of HM and LED and T5 fixtures.
    A 200 gallon MARS quarintine with UV system/ medication for new arrivals.

    Still lots to learn about the hobby but I have amassed a great collection of real beauties. I have broken past the stage of keeping things alive and now there actually growing out. Which is a big hurdle for many beginners I must admit. Good information and advise is hard to get sometimes and the club has done wonders with respect to quality advise and help in the hobby.

    THANKS Orlando Reef Educators Organization!!!!

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