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Thread: ReefAPalooza 2018 april 6-7-8 volunteer sign up

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    ReefAPalooza 2018 april 6-7-8 volunteer sign up

    Orlando RAP 2018 crew has ask us to provide up to 5 volunteers per day again this year for the show APRIL 6-7-8. The way this works is they request helpers for each of the three days of the show and if you help all day, as a thank you get 1 entry ticket for the show, occasional they have donuts, coffee, and lunch for the staff, first come first serve and 1 staff tee shirt to keep. Sizes will be requested later.

    If you can only help a half day each day and want to enter the show the other half, that is ok but you must secure a second person to cover the other half and your responsible for them. Each person would then have to work HALF of both days as partners to get the thank you tickets and shirts.
    Occasionally, if we CAN NOT fill full day slots, you can work a morning only, which is when most help is needed, we can then grant afternoon entry to the show. Max two per day on that option I think as we need to cover the doors all day somehow at a minimum. If you have any questions just ask and I'll try and accommodate. This is A GREAT SHOW, DONT MISS IT.

    First come first serve below. I'll be there all three days one way or the other to assist, and will not count my self in the count.

    Friday April 6th 10-4/6pm -jobs will be filling thousands of gift bags and as needed jobs with set up. no shirts
    1 SMpolyp
    2 RADMAN
    3 Chris O gift bags duty
    4 Simer after school is out 3:30 till 8 gift bags duty
    5 Rick massa
    6 jim28fl alternate as needed
    Saturday April 7th 10-6 pm =Day one of show- jobs will include as needed front door and side door duties and handing out gift bags at start of show/crowd control. get staff shirt and tickets.
    1 Chris O all day as needed XXL
    2 Chip W L
    3 Jason half day L
    5 jim28fl Alternate L
    SUNDAY April 8th 10-6 pm =Last day of show jobs will include as needed front door and side door duties and handing out gift bags at start of show/crowd control. Assist break down of show. get staff shirts and tickets.
    1 Chris O all day as needed XXL
    2 Tucker L or XL
    3 Jason half day
    5 Rad man maybe half day XL ???
    6 jim28fl Alternate
    Please note that if you are attending the show as a attendee at any point, you may not participate in the raffle event unless you change out of a staff shirt and posses in hand an entry ticket like everyone else. Basically you must posses a valid entry ticket if you win something in the raffle.
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    Four individual systems Right now.
    30gal red sea 130d lps/softies/anemone tank, kalk ato, reef bright led strip.
    40 softies set up.
    550 total gallon marineland 300 DD main system 18 months old now and stabilized. T5 VHO lights/ BLUE led strip, Fully custom built LIFE REEF sump and FUGE, AWESOME 60" tall skimmer, and 1000+ gallon rated custom Ca reactor, 3 50 gallon attached SPS frag systems lite with a combination of HM and LED and T5 fixtures.
    A 200 gallon MARS quarintine with UV system/ medication for new arrivals.

    Still lots to learn about the hobby but I have amassed a great collection of real beauties. I have broken past the stage of keeping things alive and now there actually growing out. Which is a big hurdle for many beginners I must admit. Good information and advise is hard to get sometimes and the club has done wonders with respect to quality advise and help in the hobby.

    THANKS Orlando Reef Educators Organization!!!!

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