Unfortunately the time has come that I must get out of the hobby for a while. My spouse and I started in the hobby 4 years ago and it brought us great joy and happiness every day. Each time we added something new we felt like new parents bringing a child home for the first time, keeping a close eye on it, making sure none of the other coral or fish picked on it, and caring and worrying when they were sick. It was amazing... Sadly, my husband fell ill unexpectedly in June and passed away within days. It was with heavy heart that I had to begin selling out 6 beautiful tanks piece by piece. I am finally at the last of what needs to be sold, I held out selling these things in hopes that I would start up again in the hobby soon, but unfortunately with lifeís unexpected twists and turns Iím realizing that financially it isnít feasible for me right now and itís time for me to let go of these last few items.

Please take a look and PM me if you are interested in anything. I have tested each item and they are in great working order. I wish everyone happy reefing.

Ecotech Radion XR30w Pro Gen3

Reef Link

Bubble Magus T11 - 3 Part Dosing Pump

Bubble Magus T11 - Dosing Pump Mounting Bracket

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