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    60 gallon mixed reef to be..

    Starting out with a 60 gallon rimless cube corner drilled with an oversized 3/4 plywood stand to accommodate an oversized sump/fuge.

    I went with black Hawaiian sand and about 20lbs of live hatian rock with another 20lbs of dry rock. Tank is currently cycling with mollies.

    Attachment 4181IMG_20180211_153731.jpg

    After having system running for a few weeks I noticed water coming from under the stand haven't had time to diagnose whether the sump leaks or the overspray from the drain into the sump caused this but I have a replacement sump ready and an building a new stand that's more sturdy so I can sleep better at night.
    IMG_20180213_203911.jpgAttachment 4184IMG_20180219_211839.jpg
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