CORALPALOOZA is a festival of reef restoration that shows the world what’s possible when we work together!

On World Oceans Day every year, Coral Restoration Foundation takes out an “army” of ocean lovers to help restore coral reefs in Florida and beyond.

This year is the International Year of the Reef, and CORALPALOOZA is part of the international “March for the Ocean” (M4O) campaign.

Divers and non-divers alike can join Coral Restoration Foundation volunteers, interns, staff, and brand-new coral warriors for a jam-packed day of saving coral reefs. This year we are:

  • Taking out record numbers of divers to actively restore reefs. In 2018, we will be mobilizing over 200 people in the Florida Keys alone!
  • Sending a fleet of kayaks out to clean the mangroves
  • Hosting a day of arts and crafts, food, games, and community engagement around the issues facing our oceans.
  • Coordinating our efforts with groups throughout the Caribbean!