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Thread: Hello formerly known as Xtremeclownfish...Now KWAclownfish

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    Hello formerly known as Xtremeclownfish...Now KWAclownfish

    Hi ALL...I'm actually not new here! I've been a member here for several years! Sine I've embark in a new journey "Breeding clownfish", several years ago. I've decided to become a legit certified aquaculture in breeding clownfish. I've actually been in the hobby since 2006 started when I lived in Bronx, NY. I love this hobby, very passionate about God creatures. But really, who doesn't like "Nemo"! Oh, my name is Johnny!

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    Hi Johnny,

    Welcome to ORCA forums.

    Yes we all love Nemos, I have 3 pairs myself, in 3 different tanks

    Maybe it would be good if you join the club or attend 1 of our monthly meetings and talk a little bit about your breeding experience, I myself would like to do that but I'm afraid it is too much work.

    Welcome again.
    Good Luck,
    Cesar Campo
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